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Introducing the World’s FIRST
Child-Resistant Hand Sanitizer

How do you say no to Child Resistant Hand Sanitizers? You Don’t!!

Dangerous Hand Sanitizers

Dangerous Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizer has become essential in our fight against COVID-19 but that bottle you take everywhere could be dangerous to your health, even life-threatening. “Methanol, which is another alcohol, can be very toxic,” “Methanol is used in things like anti-freeze,” which manufacturers natural Aloe Vera products including hand sanitizer. Read More!

Safety Spray™
Safety-Spray™ is the private label industry’s first & only “Child-Resistant” Hand Sanitizer Package! Safety Spray is a push-button twist to activate the pump actuator. 

Pinktober Special Edition
Retail Ready Display Boxes! A portion of the proceeds will benefit Breast Cancer Research. all month long during Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Purely Safe™ Gel
NEW! PATENTED CHILD RESISTANT CAP. Available in House Brand label. Available in Green, Blue, Clear, and Pink gel. Bottle contains 2oz Purely Safe™ hand sanitizer.

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